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Our Mission

Exactly like our slogan, providing opportunity to power your future, fits best with what we are trying to accomplish.  Our goal is to provide the training, guidance, leadership, and mentorship for every individual that comes through our program.  With the consistent dedication of our senior leaders alongside the management core, providing opportunity through hard work, positive energy, and integrity will ensure every that everyone will have a sense of empowerment that will give them the confidence to pursue their dreams that will propel their future.

Our Approach

Our philosophy is simple.  Power Business Solutions is here to Power your business.  Our management team trains our staff 100% so our clients don’t have to.  Why is that beneficial?  Because you save time, money, and resources on training.  Once trained, our team is qualified to meet with your customers to give them the best services to suit their needs all while generating revenue for you, our client.

We are taking it back old school.  Yes, we use technology, but we also know the power of a handshake and a smile.  We don’t call your customer and we don’t send them mailings.  We meet with them face to face, to ensure satisfaction and results.

Our Story

Sir, our CEO, was born and raised in Kansas City, MO where he lived with his mom and little brother.  After noticing the struggle of his mom trying to raise two boys by herself while working two jobs, Sir set his goals in seeking higher education in the attempt of becoming a professional athlete.  After graduating High School, Sir was awarded a dual athletic scholarship to Mid America Nazarene University for track and football. In pursuit of his degree in graphic design, Sir was forced to put his dreams on hold due to family injury and decided to join the work force to help out. Now, after years of dead end jobs and noticing he was unhappy with his life, Sir came across an opportunity to join a management training program with a firm in Florida.  After several months of mentorship, Sir decided to take the opportunity more serious and relocate to Pittsburgh where he found even more client needs.

Today, we are here because of him, the dedication of his team, and the ability to produce results.  We might be new to the area, but not the industry.  Watch out, because we are here to win!

Our Culture

We like to keep the culture and atmosphere light.  We may wear suits to work, but this is far from the corporate world.  Our firm is family oriented with a work hard to play harder mentality.

Although we like to have fun, we do things for our clients and customers with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

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