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Assistant Manager

Clarence, our Assistant Manager, was born and raised in Lakeland, FL where he lived with his parents surrounded by family and a loving support system. While growing up, Clarence had seen what consistency and determination could do for you as far as opportunity, as well as what drugs and abuse could do to you.  At an early age, Clarence decided that academics and sports would be his way out of an area where growth could not come without the wrong decisions. He attended college at the University of Mount Union, later transferring to the University of North Florida to earn his Bachelors of Science.  After graduating, Clarence decided to jump into teaching within the Duval Public School system where he taught Government and Economics.  Until he found out that teaching was not for him due to the learning disparities and the countless students who had potential, but would never get what was necessary due to unfair testing standards.  Clarence ventured into business right after his last semester as a teacher opening A.W.O.L Entertainment and funding his business by working as a youth counselor and club manager.  Clarence applied for a position in Jacksonville, FL and immediately started with the company in May 2015.  After becoming a top performer within the organization, Clarence was offered the opportunity to open a new office in Pittsburgh where he once again excelled and reached management within the companies first four months.